Piped Oxygen Systems: How We Can Help

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NHS and Private Hospitals nationwide have requested our help in evaluating the suitability of their Piped Oxygen Systems in-line with recent Government Guidelines.

HAC's Medical Gas Division are able to offer the following services to assist during this time:

1) Testing of wards, departments or areas designated for Patients receiving Oxygen Therapy, in relation to COVID-19, to determine the capability of Piped Oxygen Systems.

2) Flow Rate Tests within proposed designated areas, carried out by introducing recommended, designed flows to the calculated amount using Amal Jets & Calibrated Gauges.

3) Test results are recorded & produced with detailed recommendations.

If you require any of the above services, or perhaps something not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone (0116 260 1888) or e-mail (sales@hactgs.co.uk).